Twenty-three-year-old Colin Serpan has finally moved on with his life, leaving his macabre past far in the shadows behind him. But just when it seems Colin’s world is the closest

to normal it can ever be, the sudden death of his twin sister shatters any hope for a happy future. 

This unexpected demise drudges up Colin’s ugly past, bringing him once again face to face with the horrible crime he was an explicit part of five years earlier. There had been six of them–six teenagers miraculously covering up a brutal, bloody mistake. 
Now, Colin’s sins have come for retribution in the form of a sinister and seemingly undefeatable entity, mercilessly taking the lives of the original six one by one. Colin has no choice but to desperately fight for survival against this darkest of evil, but as he reaches for redemption, he must accept the ultimate reality: does he deserve it? 
On the fragile line of guilt and atonement, will Colin and the others escape their conscience before it eats them alive? 
Let the feeding begin…
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Meet the Author:
Tabitha “T.R.” FREEMAN is the international bestselling and award-winning YA author of the GHOST STORY series and PRINCESS series, and the explosive, social contemporary novels BROKEN GLASS and COYOTE CREEK, and horror read, INIQUITY. When she’s not writing, she’s causing a ruckus with family and chasing around her Romanian sweetheart. 
Previously a manager for large-brand hotel chains (and a lifetime, secret closet bibliophile/writer), Tabitha happily traded in her 9-to-5 gig for a rewarding career as a YA author. The best part: working from her home office, she gets to spend more time with fictional characters, fellow book lovers, writers, and most importantly, her muse—otherwise known as the love of her life/husband, Laurentiu. 
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Some Author to Author Love

Hey everyone! Wow, it has been far too long since I made a post. The reason for that is I’ve had some BIG life changes. I’m still working on the sequel to my book, The Jason Jetson Trilogy: JJ. Things are going great, the writing is flowing, and I’m really enjoying the way the story is shaping itself. I’ve started to cool down on sales for the first book in the trilogy, since I’m working on the second and my goal is to take the completed first novel, manuscript for the second, and outline for the third and FIND AN AGENT! While I love self-publishing, my reach is not nearly so wide as I would like and the logistics of self promotion are not fully within my grasp, with time constraints and limited funding.

So, that’s what’s new for me.

NEXT UP: I am about to feature several books here on my blog, including reviews. The first is INIQUITY, by Tabitha Freeman. It’s a YA fiction horror that I’m loving so far! Check out the info and synopsis in my next post and stay tuned for a detailed review!

Adventure waits for no (wo)man…

I have been all over the place lately! I set several different goals for myself and because I had so many things I wanted to do, of course none of them got done. My current word count for the sequel to my novel is at around 5k. Certainly not where I was planning to be by now when I said I was going to write 1500 words a day… a month ago. 

If I can keep on track, however, from here on out… I should still be in decent shape for my Sept 1st self-imposed deadline. My plan for this weekend, since I don’t have anything going on, is to reach 10k by Monday. Double my current word count.

On the bright side, I did start learning Italian. On the down side, I did start slacking even more on reading Game of Thrones. Or any other book, for that matter. I have two manuscripts sitting by just waiting for me and I find myself lacking time. Of course, I know where the time goes and I’m hoping to cut down on distractions and keep myself focused.

Not hoping to. Must. I must cut down on distractions and keep myself focused.

The good news is, I have a lot of ideas and words are flowing naturally. So I’m keeping at it. Stay tuned and feel free to kick my butt as often as you deem necessary.






Links for Lunch

Okay… it’s really early for lunch. But maybe I’m secretly a little old lady trying to get the Early Bird special at my local Denny’s… you don’t know. 

Some food for thought… in the form of links… thus my wildly clever title. 

This first one, written by S.E. Smith for the Daily Dot, discusses some theories on the popularity and also the backlash against the recent boom in YA novel sales and their expanding readership. While I don’t agree with all the points in the article, it does make some really good ones. Particularly about the changing world and the struggles of a new generation with different ideals still fighting to throw off the imposed expectations of their elders. 

The next article I’m sharing talks about the effort being made to write and depict female characters that are more well-rounded, interesting, strong, and not just catalysts and cheerleaders for the stronger, male hero. While we’ve come a long way with this, Robinson points out that just coming up with “Strong Female Characters” isn’t getting us nearly far enough. Too often we see these fantastic females- with rich back stories and an abundance of ass-kicking skills- fall short when we get to the real meat of the story. She calls into play the Bechdel Test, something I’ve become more aware of in recent memory, as well as other great articles and comics to demonstrate the stereotypes, sexuality disguised as non-sexuality, and other short comings the entertainment industry (whether, books, television, film) still has to over come. 
Finally… I originally had this article linked within the paragraph above, because Robinson does use it in her own article. However, I found it to be so compelling, well-written, and thought-provoking, that I felt it deserved its own separate paragraph. Sophia McDougall takes it one step further by expressing rancor at the term “Strong Female Character” and asks for one who is – shock and horror – well-rounded. A female who is a real person… who can be a hero without having to demonstrate over-the-top antics to prove she’s just as strong as the guys… who can be herself and be fantastic, and still shine. It speaks to a recent conversation I had with Alaina (I’m going to link her forever until you follow her blogs… so just do it) about how… in the quest for equality… women have been forced to give up their femininity.. and that, in and of itself, is not equality. That is conformity to a male world. 

BUT… that is another blog entry entirely. I could write volumes. This blog isn’t about that.. overtly… so, another time. 

For now, I recommend any and all of these articles.. which is why they’re here on my blog for your reading pleasure. 

Enjoy. :)