Where has Adventure taken me?

I’m trying to keep this updated more. Is it working? I think it’s working.

I’m really excited today. I have a lot to be excited for… even though I’ll be more excited when my excitement comes to fruition. Lost yet? Okay, so I’m excited because I started doing three things on my list of Things To Do To Promote My Book!

Ooh! Which three things?

1: I have filled out (and will be mailing shortly) applications for two arts festivals around the city. I also got in on a third one that my friend Tom is hawking his wares at. So that’s THREE festivals: May, June, July. Once I’m all approved and ready to roll I will put more info in this blog in case you or someone you know is near Boston and wants to come check it out.


2: I’ve started speaking with bloggers about touring to their blogs! PROTIP: if you have a book you want to promote, check out THIS SITE. Okay… maybe it’s obvious… and maybe you’ve already checked it out and I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. But I figured it’s worth the shout-out. BlogTour.org helps authors and bloggers connect. Authors get to promote their book. Bloggers get new content. Win win! I sent out a bunch of inquiries and got several back right away! I also posted this blog there so that I can start doing reviews and interviews and giving back. (Oh wait! That’s 2.5: connecting with other authors! Which I’ve also done via WordPress.. already making new friends. Feelin’ good.)


3: I got in touch with one local book store in the hopes that they will sell my book in their shop. It’s a cool shop. I’m going there on Saturday with my friend Alaina for tabletop day.


WOO! That along with the book trailer thing means… momentum! Promotion! Synergy! I’m going to keep over-using exclamation marks! I also contacted a local arts high school about the book trailer because my responses were lacking. [Sad Trumpet]




You may have also noticed.. or not… that I rearranged my sidebar some. (She said, not having done it yet, but planning to do it right after this, hoping no one notices). And added a reviews page. On which I will share reviews of my book. My reviews of other authors will happen on the main page so they get the exposure they need and deserve.




I think that’s all for now and I have no good way to end this entry…



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